Society of NLP

Practitioner and Master Practitioner

The curriculum of The Society of NLP and Richard Bandler requires two levels of certification to become Licensed, the seven (7) day Practitioner and the nine (9) day Master Practitioner.



Learn to increase memory

Start on the road to become a world memory champion on this one day course. Techniques used by those with great memories easily learnt for all uses in corporate, educational and general use.


Memory and Planing

Mind Mapping

A one day course, taking participants from the basic concepts through examples in everyday use, for corporate, educational and public courses.




Licensed by Paul Scheele/Learning Strategies, this 2.5 day course, will teach participants all the skills to be able to absorb 20,000 - 30,000 WPM, or a page per second. Participants will absorb 6 books (each 300 pages) over the 2.5 days. At the end of a successful completion, participants will be awarded the official PhotoReading certificate.