Society of NLP

Practitioner and Master Practitioner

The curriculum of The Society of NLP and Richard Bandler requires two levels of certification to become Licensed, the seven (7) day Practitioner and the nine (9) day Master Practitioner.



Phobias and Fears

Fear of flying, heights, spiders or snakes, no problem. Phillip has helped many achieve the unbelievable in one session. Not a day, not a half day, but it could be in less than one hour. Find out more by clicking here, and read about some of the people who have worked with Phillip.

Cannot travel, will not travel, Phillip can come to you. Often clients referred to Phillip Holt, cannot travel due to many reasons, perhaps work, perhaps family, perhaps health, perhaps fear of leaving the home. Let Phillip come to you now.




For many people, the thought of making a presentation or a public speech is beyond their boundaries of capabilities. Others may lack the confidence to achieve, Phillip has helped executives, actors, salespeople, people like yourself, who need to make that presentation, make that speech, just do. Let Phillip help you now.


Learn Hypnosis

As a trainer of hypnosis, Certified with the NGH (National Guild of Hypnosis), let phillip Holt teach you how to enter this wonderful world of learning from inductions through to entering the hypnotherapy world. Courses range from 1 to 5 days. For just the knowledge or for the professionals like doctors or dentists for pain control.



Stage Hypnosis

As seen on television, learn how to become a stage hypnotist in a weekend. from learning stage set-up, routines, how to hypnotise, re-inductions, the law (UK), safety et al. Many participants have gone on to be professional stage hypnotists.




Mind Maps

Licensed by Buzan as an Advanced Trainer, this 1 day course, teaches participants all the skills to be able to become a great Mind Mapper as Tony Buzan wanted you to become. Courses are for public, educational and corporate uses, with Phillip Holt giving courses to such organisations as Sheffield University students (UK), HSBC (China), Volvo (Gaziantep, Turkey), RIXOS Hotels (Turkey), Vodafone (Turkey). Each course will be designed to be fit for purpose for the participants.



Licensed by Paul Scheele/Learning Strategies, this 2.5 day course, will teach participants all the skills to be able to absorb 20,000 - 30,000 WPM, or a page per second. Participants will absorb 6 books (each 300 pages) over the 2.5 days. At the end of a successful completion, participants will be awarded the official PhotoReading certificate.